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How does it work?

It is as simple as these five steps. Clicking on these tiles will guide you through the process. Start from the left! A link to this page can be found at the bottom of every page.

Log in or register
Create Subscription
First you have to log in
Create Project
You need to create a subscription first
Add Form
You need to add a project first
Publish Link
You need to add a form first
  1. In order for you to be able to do anything at all, you should register. You can then create a free trial subscription contract.
  2. Once you are ready to start using the platform professionally, create a professional subscription contract. (You can create multiple subscription contracts).
  3. Once you have a subscription contract, you can add one or more projects to a subscription contract. We use projects to group multiple forms.
  4. Inside a project, you can add a standard form or one of your own forms.
  5. If you desire so, you can add custom CSS for your own styling needs.
  6. Once you have tested the form, you can use the publishing URL and paste it into your own web page or use an IFrame to embed the form in your site. We have examples how to do this in our documentation.