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New features
We have added a web-based XForms Editor for more effective forms development. We look forward to hearing if you like it!

Our mission

No website is complete without forms. Through forms customers may order, potential employees may apply, consumers may ask for information. No forms means no business. The problem, however, is that many forms are unfriendly with obscure questions, poor usability, unsuited for mobile use and lack of flexibility. At Proforms, we believe forms should be accessible, friendly and effective, bringing you more business. We offer five subscription programs varying from trial to platinum to suit your forms needs. We are committed to the W3C XForms standard. Define your forms according to this standard with the tool of your choice and publish them here on this platform. We will take care of handling submissions, notifications and so on.

At this time, this platform is open in a preliminary mode. That is, we only handle Trial and prepaid Gold and Platinum subscriptions. Feel free to take a test ride; apply for an account providing your company information on the contact page. Make sure you keep an offline version of your work!